Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Vettel does not deserve to be champion – Doornbos

Ferrari is attracting widespread criticism as a result of the Singapore incident, including the team’s pointing of the finger of blame at Max Verstappen.

Raikkonen manager role ‘not the same as before’

Kimi Raikkonen effectively manages his own affairs in formula one.

Ricciardo Farted, Bottas Keeps Laughing in Singapore GP Press

Daniel Ricciardo dropped a bomb on rivals Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas in the middle of the official Singapore Grand Prix post-race press conference — and they couldn’t handle it.

Italy slams Ferrari after Singapore ‘disaster’

The Italian press has lashed out at Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel after a disastrous Singapore grand prix.

Bottas ‘not number 2 driver’ – Mercedes

Toto Wolff says he still will not designate Valtteri Bottas the ‘number 2′ driver behind Lewis Hamilton.

Lauda blames Vettel for Singapore crash

Niki Lauda has joined scores of fans and insiders who blame Sebastian Vettel for putting his championship hopes in tatters in Singapore.

Verstappen, totally innocent, absolutely innocent – Webber

Former F1 driver and Channel 4 commentator Mark Webber, who had a few clashes with Sebastian Vettel as Red Bull teammates, defended Max Verstappen for Singapore Grand Prix incident.

Pirelli making ‘softer than ultra-soft’ tyre for 2018 F1

Pirelli has committed to supplying softer tyres to F1 teams and drivers in 2018.

Rosberg to help Kubica’s F1 comeback

Retired reigning world champion Nico Rosberg has joined Robert Kubica’s management team.

Kvyat ‘not fearing’ Toro Rosso driver shakeup

Daniil Kvyat says he is still waiting to hear if he will be kept on board at Toro Rosso for 2018.