Vandoorne avoids Singapore grid drop


Vandoorne avoids Singapore grid drop

11:36 – Honda has confirmed that it has been able to address the MGU-K concern in Stoffel Vandoorne’s power unit, thus avoiding a penalty, ahead of this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Vandoorne took on new engine components in Italy, having suffered from a loss of power during qualifying, relegating him down the grid, having been on course to start inside the top 10.

Vandoorne then suffered a loss of power, attributed to an MGU-K problem, in the race, forcing him to retire, and Honda was unsure whether a fix would result in an engine penalty.

Under current Formula 1 regulations, drivers are allowed to use only four of each of the six elements that make up the power unit before grid penalties are imposed.

As Vandoorne is already on his sixth Energy Store, seventh Internal Combustion Engine and MGU-K and 10th MGU-H and Turbocharger, any new part will result in a grid drop.

Honda confirmed on Thursday morning that it has managed to avoid such a step, and that Vandoorne, along with team-mate Fernando Alonso, will use Spec 3.7 at Marina Bay.

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